Street Food: Churchgate & VT

Street Food: Churchgate & VT

I went to college in churchgate and during those years I had no idea that the area had such a famous and vast khau galli. I was lucky to explore it with my fellow street food explorer – Ashfina from The Wicked Soul! The blog post is being documented a little late, but, I didnt want to delay this any further!

Where is this gem of a galli hidden? The churchgate kahu galli is between oval maidan and the lane leading from Vitthaldal Thackersay marg. You will surprised at the number of stalls and shops that are present in the galli and will leave you spoilt for choice!

The VT khau galli is right opposite the CST local station in the same lane as the canon pav bhaji.

Here’s a glimpse of all that we tried during our street food exploring at Churchgate:

Veg panini at Raju sandwich
Mexican panini at Raju sandwich
Cheese Schezwan frankie from stall near raj sandwich
Veg Hakka noddles with manchurian in Churchgate Khau Galli
Was lucky to go during aam season!
The pav bhaji here is supposed to be famous, we couldn’t try as we had no place in our tummies!

Here’s what all we tried at the VT khau galli:

Street style pizza at stall opp fashion street
Mysore sada dosa at south corner dosa stall in VT
Kala khatta sharbat at stall near canon pav bhaji
The infamous dosa stall and the mini Khau Galli opp VT station. One can also try the pav bhaji at Canon, but it’s not one of my favorite s. The Vada pav at Aaram is not be missed though!

Have you tried any of these yet, if we have missed out on any spot – let me know and we will try to visit there soon!

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