Scott Pickett in India

Scott Pickett in India

The one country that has always been on my wanderlist since the travel bug has bitten me is Australia. I was thrilled when I found out that I will get the opportunity to spend the evening with Chef Scott Pickett from Australia with fellow foodies.

So, I headed to Anais at The St. Regis Hotel, where the evening began with an avocado masterclass, one of Chef Pickett’s signature live sessions in which he illustrates the versatility of the avocado with perfection by taking guests on a journey through the inimitable flavours and textures of the fruit in its various states of ripeness. The entire room was transformed to recreate the exquisite dining experience in Chef Pickett’s own fine‐dining restaurant ESP (Estelle by Scott Pickett) in Melbourne.

The view from Anais at The St. Regis

We also got to taste three variants of Avacados that Chef Pickett and Yogi has prepared for us as part of the masterclass – charred, salty and sweet.

We were treated to a sumptious three course dinner prepared by the Chef which was perfectly paired with a glass (maybe more 😉 ) of wine.

Course 1: Heritage Cauliflower Polonaise

Course 2: Hand-rolled Macaroni, Paremsan, Victorian Black Truffle

Course 3: Chocolate Avacado & Raspberries

Overall, it was a fun evening with lots of good food, wine and friends. I love how food connects us to people and has always led me to the path where I meet new people everytime I dine out with fellow bloggers/friends.

What’s your favorite place to eat or wander around in Australia? Share with me in the comments below! 🙂

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