Provenance, Lower Parel

Provenance, Lower Parel

After a long day of shopping at Palladium, I was looking to grab a good cup of coffee and catch up with my sister in law who was visiting for the holidays. During our rounds across the mall, we happened to land up at this beautiful new café named Provenance which is next to the Tumi store; the other end of the lane that starts with the Gucci store.

They have a lot of offer in such a limited space from coffee/tea, desserts, chocolates to gift boxes with everything that one with a sweet tooth can possibly love. The dessert here are curated and supplied by Tiernom patisserie and oh my do you have to try a bite to believe that there is a sweet sweet God overlooking upon us to enjoy the sweet little things in life! We ordered for a Café latte, Macchiato and a hot chocolate with a slice of the banoffee cake on the side.The coffee was hot and brewed perfectly – just what I had needed for a caffeine rush after hours of walking around the mall. However, the hot chocolate was a little too frothy, but decent enough.

The banoffee slice was scrumptious, it was so good that we had swiped the plate clean. The frosting wasn’t too heavy which made is easy to eat (I usually leave the frosting out as its always so artificial in taste), the toffee and everything in the slice was perfect.The staff has suggested to try out their (monster of a slice) chocolate cake, however, we decided to try something different. After finishing the banoffee pie, we were wondering if the chocolate would also be a good idea. we realized we are being greedy and decided to keep something for our next visit as well!

The pricing of the beverages is decent approx. average of 150 INR; however, the cake slices are a little too steep approx. 450 INR per slice. The taste does make up for it, however, I personally feel it’s a little too high for a slice of cake.

The staff is well-trained and will help you with suggestions if you are unable to decide on what you want. The ambience is lovely for a quick cup of coffee while one side overlooks the St. Regis foyer. I absolutely loved the vibe and feel of this place while I was there, and I look forward to going back here again and trying much more on the menu (read: chocolates from Belgium and that chocolate cake slice!)

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