Plum by Bent Chair, Kamala Mills

Plum by Bent Chair, Kamala Mills

Kamala Mills is buzzing with new conceptual restaurants and cafes, and each of it has taken me by surprise. Amongst it, there’s a lot of Asian cuisine, which seems to be the preferred choice of many these days when they want to go out for an indulgent meal. A similar concept is – Plum by Bent Chair, a unique concept of shop & dine. Started by a husband-wife duo, the main takeaway is that you can order anything of the food menu, and shop everything that’s in the restaurant – from chairs, tables, décor items amongst others.Read on to find out about my experience at Plum by bent chair.





Value for Money:4/5

Bellini– while waiting for our appetizers to arrive, I ordered for a pear and green tea Bellini, my first time experimenting different flavours in Bellini (I love the peach Bellini’s), and I was excited to try some as it was still day time and it seemed like the perfect drink to be enjoyed with our food. The Bellini was good, light on the tongue (not changing my palate) that I ordered another one and this time it was the cherry and almond Bellini. This one is more for those who like cherries and bitter taste in their drinks due to its ingredients, however, it was a really good choice. I’m going back for the Bellini’s here.Turnip fried cake – a staple at every Asian restaurant in town, topped with veggies, chillies and garlic. This was a light and good start, recommend if you are a fan of turnip cakes.Avocado uramaki – I only wanted to order one sushi, so I went for the avocado as I was in the mood to experiment with my sushi. This one had avocado, spicy mayonnaise, teriyaki glaze with crispy beetroot. The presentation was beautiful, I almost didn’t feel like eating it, so I wouldn’t spoil how prettily it was sitting on the plate. The combination of ingredients was good, and we finished almost the entire serving (about 8-10 pieces). They also have an introductory offer where you get 1+1 on sushi from the menu.Dim sum – I tried the Three-star mushroom dim sum and Edamame and truffle dim sum, both were delicious and filling. You get four pieces in each dim sum, recommended.Kung pao potato and okra – I’ve had this dish at multiple places, however, this was the first time that I has heard of the combination of potato and okra, upon recommendation of the staff, I went ahead and ordered for a portion. Crispy okra and potato tossed in a slightly spicy and sweet sauce makes for a perfect appetiser to begin your meal. If you aren’t looking at experimenting and want to stick to the basics, go for this dish.Water chestnut and corn – you know how we order a dish for time pass or while we are waiting for our main course to arrive; this is that dish. Its easy to eat as the water chestnut and corn are chopped into smaller pieces, coated in batter and fried topped with chillies, peanuts and veggies.Spicy fried rice– if you’re someone who loves spicy food (like me), go for this one accompanied with Veg Schezwan curry. They’re not too spicy but compliment the combination well. After all those appetizers, this is all we had space left to try. They have interesting options for veg noodles/rice and curry to choose from.Lemon and citrus cheesecake – I was expecting a slice of cheesecake, instead they surprised us with two scoops of cheesecake sitting on a bed of assorted finely chopped seasonal fruits. The texture of the cheesecake was somewhere in between a sorbet and cheesecake slice, but with the fruits – the flavour of lemon/citrus was soothing to the palate.Nutella sushi – Nutella and banana wrapped in a sushi is a delight for all the sweet sushi fans. I prefer savoury sushi’s over sweet ones, however, this one made for a good change and is recommended if you are in the mood to experiment.

To my surprise, this place has equal no. of items on the menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The ambience is perfect for an indulgent meal/business lunch, while the pricing is a little on the heavier side – the quality and quantity of food justifies the same. The service is good, and the staff recommends good options basis your needs/mood of what you want to eat. Overall, Plum is a good option to have on your list for good food and ambience, and if you’re looking to grab a few drinks/dances, head out to Lord of the drinks or Rocky Star cocktail bar next door!

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  • Wow 👌 after reading this article, and seeing this eye catching pictures of food, definitely going to visit this place this weekend.
    Thank you FOODIES OF INDIA .

    • The food is delicious, and thank you for the compliment on my photography skills 😉
      Next time you are in Bomnbay, I’ll take you here.

  • This place not only looks a treat to the eyes but also looksa treat to the stomach. Just like a lot of places Foodies of india by Ritika betala has added another restraunt to my restraunt bucket list. Thank you Foodies of india for making me love food more and more always ❤️

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