Parsi Bhonu 2019

Parsi Bhonu 2019

17th August was Parsi New Year, and the weeks leading into Navroze, I was lucky enough to try out some delicious Parsi Bhonu at various restaurants across the city, some iconic and some new – all to give us an authentic, delicious and good time. 

Both our meals started with Pallonji’s raspberry soda – a new favourite which I clearly can’t get enough of. The next time I am trying out Parsi cuisine, I will be trying out the Ice cream soda variant. Has anyone tried this variant yet? If yes, do you prefer raspberry or ice cream soda?

Sodabottleopenerwala: I tried the Parsi Bhonu thali here, they have a Veg and Non Veg variant with an elaborate menu (and 2 desserts!) which will leave you super satisfied and happy with your decision to try this thali!

My favourite part of the thali was the chips, the dhansak dal and the falooda! It only left me craving for more.

Falooda and dar ni pori ice cream

Gallops: They hosted a special Parsi menu with kebabs, dhansak dal, patra nu paneer and dessert.

We started with Kebabs – kela and sweet potato kebabs, which is certainly not my choice if I am ordering kebabs, ever. To my surprise, both the kebabs were soft, delicious and I couldn’t help taking second servings of the kebabs.

For main course we had rotis, patra nu paneer, veg dhansak dal with brown rice. This was followed by caramel custard.

My recent experiences with Parsi cuisine have been indulging and one that has inspired me to learn (and taste!) more about Parsi cuisine. I always thought that there might not be enough vegetarian food in the Parsi diet, but I was surprised with the offerings that I was given at these two restaurants. 

I already have Berry pulao and ice cream soda on my list for my next Parsi food outing! What is your favourite Parsi dish that you have tried so far?

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