Paniyaram Batter Recipe

Paniyaram Batter Recipe

The lockdown has helped me discover a super way to relieve my stress (apart from eating) – that is, cooking! I have been cooking and helping mother in the kitchen a lot more than usual. A few weeks ago, we made Paniyarams, a south Indian specialty and they turned out to be just perfect little bite-sized and delicious!

Im listing the recipe below incase you want to try making the batter at home. 

For the batter:

1 cup ukda rice 

1 cup regular rice 

1/2 cup chana dal 

1/2 cup udad dal 

Soak the above for 4-5 hours, then blend everything together in a mixer. 

Add salt for taste and one pinch of soda. 

Keep the blended batter overnight and it will rise into a fluffy texture. 

The Paniyaram Atta is ready to use!

My mom added some veggies into the mixture – all she did was sautee the veggies (carrot, cabbage etc.,) in rai, jeera and hing and add it to the batter before filling in the paniyram pan. 

We enjoyed the paniyaram’s with some coconut & tomato chutney, milagapodi (homemade) and sambhar!

If you try this recipe, do share your variations with me on Instagram @foodiesofindia!

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