No Bake Chocolate Tart Recipe

No Bake Chocolate Tart Recipe

I’ve been craving a lot of dessert or maybe it’s just me stress eating given the amount of work from my day job?! Either way, it’s delighting my tummy as I’m experimenting with a lot of baking and cooking!

This week – I also tried the no bake chocolate tart and here’s how to go about it if you like me, love chocolate and are looking to cook/bake up a storm this (extended) lockdown period!


15 Pieces Digestive Biscuits

6 Tbsp. Butter (Melted)

For filling:

½ cup Dark Chocolate (Semisweet)

½ cup cashews

½ cup almonds

Pinch of salt


1 Tbsp Whipped Cream (For Topping)

Nuts & fruits for topping

1 Tsp. vanilla essence


1. Mix the biscuits and melted butter in a mixer and blend it well. Be sure not to over blend it, the mixture should be of a fine texture.

2. I didn’t have a tart mold so I used a glazed cake mold with butter paper and put the base in the mold and used a small bowl and my fingers to get the tart like shape. Ensure to even out the base filling and not too thick on one side, corners, sides or the middle

3. Once this is done, put the tart shell as is in a refrigerator for 45-60 mins for it to set

4. Take it out and check after 60 mins, if its set, then you may add the filling in it

5. In the meanwhile, prepare the filling. I added some cashew nuts and almonds (blended in a mixer), to melted chocolate and gradually adding milk to get it to a smooth texture

6. Take out the tart shell and fill the above mixture in it

7. Set it well (with a spoon if required) and add some nuts/fruits of your choice as toppings and put in the refrigerator for it to set. I added some cereal for a good crunch in my chocolate tart

8. It’s best to keep it for at least 6-7 hours or overnight for it to set before you can eat it

9. Pop the cake mold in a freezer for about 10-15 minutes before you remove the tart out of the mold, so its easier for you to remove it without breaking it

And you are ready to enjoy your delicious chocolate tart!

Here are some things I could have done better:

·  Set the tart into a better shape

·  Let it stay in the fridge a little longer (zero patience, I tell you!)

·  Not blend the nuts too much

·  Added lesser chocolate (but I can’t get enough)

If you try this recipe, share your stories and pictures with me on Instagram at @foodiesofindia!

2 thoughts on “No Bake Chocolate Tart Recipe”

  • Hi .. are cashews and almonds required to be soaked before blending ?
    And also the recipe says salt – at what stage is the salt being added ? And also the vanilla essence and whipped cream ? When are they to be added optionally ?

    • Hi Ruchika,
      No need to soak the nuts before blending

      You can add the salt to the tart shell

      The vanilla essence to the chocolate mixture or even the tart shell to get a nice taste

      Whipped cream is for topping and hence, optional.

      Hope this helps!


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