Manjeet Chole Puri, Sion Koliwada

Manjeet Chole Puri, Sion Koliwada

Chole bhature has a special place in my foodie heart, but then, a lot of other things do, too. A lot depends on the mood, the time of the day among others. I’ve been waiting to make a trip to Delhi to try out the authentic Chole bhature and pig out on the delicious dish from what I’ve been seeing on the pages of food bloggers’ from Delhi! Recently, I tried something similar, but in Mumbai. I went on a weekday morning around 9 a.m. to Manjeet chole puri in Sion Koliwada with my cousin and I can tell you it was the best decision I made that entire week!


Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Ambience: NA – please read footnote.

Value for Money: 5/5

People sit here and share tables with strangers, so once we found a table we asked if we could see a menu, instead he went on to tell us about the various types of parathas/kulchas available. We decided on the aloo pyaaz kulcha with chole to start with. The order arrived within 5-7 minutes and I got on to doing my regular drill of taking pictures from every angle just then an uncle comes from behind the counter to tell us to eat while its hot to enjoy and make the most of it.

Main Samajhta hoon aapko photo lena zaroori hai, lekin khana toh garam garam khane mein hi maza hai na beta!

We started digging into the paratha immediately and it was love at first bite! The paratha is crisp, loaded with butter and filling for one person, however, if you go here with a group of people you can enjoy the different varieties available. Priced at 70 INR (ONLY!!)On almost every table you will see people consuming chana soup – which is essentially the water from the bowl of boiling chana. This is consumed in abundance in the hilly areas as it gives you an instant boost in energy and is very rich in protein. I look forward to going back here and trying this out with other kulchas and more items from the menu here.

Uncle then asked us if we wanted to have some dessert in the form of gulab jamun  – I hesitated as I was a little too full, but he insisted on having one piece – and I gave in. It was a warm little piece in a bowl which was the perfect end to our experience here. Priced at 20 INR.If I have to sum up about my experience here: The food is delicious, served hot and prepared with a lot of love, so go on eat your heart out here.

However, if you are someone who is very particular about hygiene, seating, and overall look of a place, Id suggest you skip this place. If you are someone who loves food and are in it for the food only – this place is a must visit!

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