Mamaji’s Taste of Katta, Matunga

Mamaji’s Taste of Katta, Matunga

Social Media has made it very easy to stay updated on new trends, openings, must do and stalking people! I use it more for new places, dishes and innovations in the food space. Similarly, is a place named Mamaji’ s – The taste of Katta, opposite Ruia College in Matunga that has been fellow food bloggers favourites and over posted and hyped on Instagram lately. I finally made it here and had a very pleasant experience.


Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: NA

Value for Money: 4/5

Tandoori noodles roll: I was in the mood for something different, as I was really excited to have made it here. I tried the tandoori noodles roll and I wasn’t sure of my choice in the first few bites. However, as I reached the middle of the roll, the tandoori sauce blended really well with the noodles and the roti (which was a little burnt on some parts) and changed my mind about this dish here.Paneer Schezwan cheese grill: this was a mammoth of a sandwich – delicious, filling and well flavoured. They are very generous with the cheese put on the sandwich. Their grills are clearly a winner and most variations would be good, so make sure to order at least one of the grills when visiting here.Mexican Panini: To try out different variants, we ordered the panini and the staff did inform us that it’s a thicker bread than the usual. We kept the bar low, and enjoyed the panini with a creamy mix veggies’ filling in between breads. If you are looking for something with less masalas or spicy – this should be your go to dish.Veg. Mayo Sandwich: this one is not for the light hearted! There is a mountain (yes you read it right) of mayo on top of your regular sandwich. The sandwich is delicious and perfect but I couldn’t have more than a bite of this as the mayo was a little overwhelming overall. If you are someone who loves mayo, this might be for you.This place is a must-visit for all those who love street food, trying out new things to eat and those who love food in general. If you are around the area, drop by this little stall that manages to serve a crowd of 20/30/50 people in a matter of minutes.

Similar to most food stalls, don’t expect too much for hygiene here, however, the quality, quantity for the price you are paying are justified.

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