Maffy’s – PAN Arabian bistro, Colaba

Maffy’s – PAN Arabian bistro, Colaba

There are very few good restaurants in Mumbai that serve good middle eastern/Arabian food; from the ones I have visited so far. I recently tried out the food at Maffy’s – Pan Arabian Bistro and boy was it a treat to the eyes, tummy and a lovely Saturday evening with friends. Located on the ground floor of Sea Palace Hotel, Maffy’s has an indoor and outdoor seating available. In the summer, it can get a little hot but they have some arrangements made for the same, however, come monsoons, it would be ideal to sit inside with a beautiful yet quaint setup where you might feel like you are in some part of the middle east.


Food: 4.5/5


Ambience: 4.5/5

Value for Money: 4/5

 Signature Smokey cauliflower hummus – Must try! A bean free combination of cauliflowers and tahini with extra virgin olive oil, served with fresh and fluffy pita bread on the side. I’ve tried various hummus earlier but this one caught my eye and since this is a signature dish here, I thought of giving it a try. I would suggest you make sure this is definitely a part of your order here, you will be surprised as to how good cauliflower can taste when made as hummus. Rs. 325 for one plate that can easily serve 2-3 people.Oh Moroccan salad – shredded spinach, lettuce, tarragon dill, parsley, toasted sesame, apple mint, oats, feta cheese and lemon dressing. This one is light on the palate and perfect to start your meal with here, so you can wait patiently while your food is being prepared. The combination of ingredients mentioned above is flavoursome and you will certainly enjoy this without filling yourself up too much. Rs. 375 for one plate that can easily serve up to 2 people. Maffy’s Bahraini Potato Chaap – a signature dish here again, and I must say that there will be very few who may not like this dish. Crispy potato chaps served in a plate shaped like a leaf is appetizing till the last crumb is left on the plate. You must try this here – the mixture of the dish is perfect and is certainly not to disappoint; and I say this as I salivate whilst typing. Rs. 400 for one plate that can easily serve 2-3 people with 5 pieces.Mushroom Koupes – for all those who love mushrooms; this dish of assorted stuffed mushroom with cheese in crispy croquettes topped with a flat bread on the side. Enjoy this when its hot to make the most of this dish. Rs. 400 for one plate that can easily serve 2 people with 4 pieces.Broccoli Labneh meshwi – little did I know when I was a kid that I would end up liking broccoli so much more as I grew up. For those who still don’t like or cannot consume broccoli – Maffy’s has a dish that will change your mind towards this delicious vegetable. Broccoli that is crunchy is grilled on skewers with sour cream and onion on the side adding to the perfect flavour to make this superfood your new favourite vegetable, and if not at least favourite new dish here. The spicy red masala sprinkled on the side is salty yet spicy adding a zing to the dish overall. Rs. 400 for one plate that can easily serve 2-3 people.To quench our thirst we called for the hibiscus and pomegranate lemonade & basial and watermelon lemonade. Priced at 175, this is a good try if you like a bubbly drink to accompany your meal.

Harissa and vegetables Manakeesh – which is essentially the famous Levantine pizzas on a flat bread loaded with cheese, olives, onions, bell peppers and spicy harissa as base sauce. Takes about 15 minutes to prepare so order this dish accordingly. Rs. 375 for one plate that can easily serve 2-3 people with about 8 square pieces.For dessert we tried out the Umm Ali (Rs. 375) and Faloodeh (Rs. 350). The former a bread pudding with sweet berry compote and the latter a wholesome delicious take on rose falooda. Would definitely recommend both the desserts and the faloodeh (favourite of the lot here apart of broccoli and cauliflower hummus).

I really wanted to try some mains here as well, but I had to save space for dessert and I also thought of leaving some dishes on the menu to try out the next time I visit. The next time I go here here’s what I’m eyeing to try out – Mumbai’s affair tagine (signature biryani), pita toasties, chocolate hummus and the frozen desserts!

Overall, the experience here was a good one, and I’m hoping a lot more of you can try out the good food and mood that Maffy’s puts you in. if you have been here, what was your favourite dish from the menu. If not, what are you going to try when you visit here next? Id love to hear from you!

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