Jaipur- The Pink City

Jaipur- The Pink City

Rangilo Rajasthan – as they say every part of Rajasthan I visit, is so colourful in its own way of culture, people, experiences and food! My father is a marathon runner and has completed over 140+ marathons in the last 5 years. His passion for running has him directing the Jaipur Pink City marathon and in December 2017, we attended and ran the second edition of this marathon.

Using this opportunity, my mother and I went a few days in advance to explore the city and also end the year on a high note with a much needed family vacation. we’ve been to Jaipur over 5 times so far and to our surprise, we discover something new to do with every visit, and they have all been memorable. I’m going to put down things to do and see in the pink city so you can plan your trip here accordingly. Getting there: Getting to Jaipur is relatively easy by air, road and rail. it is well-connected and has multiple flights, trains arriving daily.

About: Jaipur is known as the pink city and had tourists visiting from all over the world for its rich cultural heritage it has to offer. Jaipur has seen a lot of modernization but has managed to retain its old school charm giving you the best of both worlds. Traffic – just like every other city in India, is pretty crazy here, so be sure to take into account travel time when planning your day/itinerary. Uber has made our lives so much simpler, and similar is the case here as well. We used Uber to get around everywhere and was super convenient. they also have the option of Uber HIRE, in case you plan to keep the car with you for the entire day while you visits the forts and the palaces across the city.Stay: Rajasthan is a  very popular tourist destination and the tourism authority is doing everything to ensure that every tourist has a good experience here. You will find plenty of hotel options to stay here, within various ranges and budgets. you just need to figure the location of your hotel and how close it is to the city/fort side – which is where you will be spending most of your time. There are plenty of luxury hotels as well, JW Marriott, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn among others.

Food: Jaipur, is a paradise for foodies especially for all things fried! Here are some places that are a must visit on my list when I visit Jaipur.

Statue circle coffee –  there’s a national dairy near statue circle, which has been famous for long periods of time for its iced and hot coffee. you can order for your coffee with or without ice cream; they also have decadent veg puffs and other snacks you can munch on while here. The best time to visit Rajasthan and enjoy its food even more is during the winter season.

LMB – famously known as LMB, Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar in Bapu Bazaar is well known for its Kachori, samosa, mithai and all things served on the menu. Make sure to head here after your day of shopping and sightseeing around the city to enjoy the meal even more.BMB – You will notice a pattern here of various Mishtan Bhandar’s in Jaipur, this one – Bombay Mishtan Bhandar is more of a sit down dinner type of place. The Garam doodh (milk), Dosa’s and north Indian is good here.

Bapu Bazaar – head here for your shopping and marketplace sightseeing. you will get everything you need to take back with you from your trip to Jaipur – souvenirs, shoes, clothes, handicraft items, artificial jewellery among others. There are also really good street food vendors that you can treat yourself while walking from one shop to the next. The pani puris, mix fruit juice and Bombay sandwich is a must try.

Rawat Mishtan Bhandar – well, coming to the ever famous and my favorite MB, Rawat is well-known for its pyaaz (onion) kachori and mirchi bada. I spent about 30 minutes here during my last visit and was surprised to see that the mirchi bada and Kachori is sold out within minutes every time the tray is refilled with stock. So, make sure to stick by for a few more minutes to get yourself some piping hot fried goodness – it’s definitely worth the wait!

Meraaki Kitchen – conceptualized and started by MasterChef contestant Neha Deepak Shah, this restaurant in civil lines is aiming to provide cuisines from all over the world. The decor, ambience, staff, quality and quantity of the food will definitely make your trip here worthwhile! The Daluat ki Chaat is a must try here! Probably, one of the best versions of the dessert I’ve had outside of New Delhi!Sardar ji ke hing ki Kachori – tucked in he bylanes of Bapu Bazaar, a small little eatery seeks the best and most delicious pyaaz and moong dal kachori. Check it out next time you’re here. Tapri the tea house- if you’ve asked or told someone what are the must see/ do places in Jaipur- tapri has to be on that list! We agree! Visit here to get a good conversation plus tea combo to unwind, relax and have a good time. The outlet near Central Park is one of my favorites especially for the sunset view!

Dhabas- jaipur has its fair share of Dhabas and they’re all so good- at least a handful of those that I’ve been to! You’ll find a variety of Indian food – paneer, biryani, roti among others. Sharma Dhaba, a little on the outskirts of the city, is well known for its outdoor seating, shikanji and crispy hot rotis!Pali’s Dhaba– they have multiple outlets in the city and this is one of my favorite dhabas I’ve visited so far! The rajma chawal and aloo paratha are a must have here!Choki Dhani- we’ve all heard of the experiential choki dhani village for its food, ambience, activities to do among others. The outlet in Jaipur is the first and where the idea of chokhi dhani originated from. This one is probably the largest and has over 80 activities to do. You can easily spend over a couple of hours here apart from the time spent eating. They have an option of buffet or sit down dinner for you to choose from. We rode camels, danced with tribals, went to a few of the temples, saw a few acts and so many other activities that we’ve indulged in.

They also have a resort here with rooms which is famous for and is almost booked out during weekends and wedding celebrations.

There are other tourist attractions as well that you should visit here’s a few:

Birla Mandir- known for its architecture and white marble clad temple where devotees travel from all over the world to visit the idol of Radha Krishna. 

Jaipur has several palaces and forts that you can visit as well. City Palace, Nahargarh fort, Jaigarh fort, Amber fort, Hawa Mahal and Jal Mahal. Make sure to plan your day well as these sites are huge and you’ll end up walking around for hours without realizing how time has flown by.

Dance the night away: I wanted to experience the ambience of the lounges in Jaipur to see what the people of pink city do to let loose. To my surprise, there are many places to visit and are scattered around town. fortunately,  Jaipur isn’t too difficult or time consuming to get around so if you are looking doing a bar or pub hop, this could also be a good idea. We visited the House of People at the Las Vegas Hotel and were amazed at how crowded it was on a weekday night! Reservations for tables are recommended before visiting.Take a day trip to Ajmer and Pushkar: a very impulse yet one of the best decisions we made was to take a day trip to visit the Ajmer Sharif Dargah and Pushkar lake. we hired a car for the day and left in the wee hours of the morning and reached Ajmer in about 4 hours where we did a quick visit to the Dargah, had a delicious lunch, street food and headed straight to Pushkar.

Pushkar is well known for its lake, festivals and camel rides. we also went atop a mountain where they have built a temple and you have to get on a cable car ride to get to the top. we relaxed by the lake and performed a puja with the local priest. You will spot a lot of people praying for their near and dear ones who have left them for heavenly abode and their spirits peace.

Shopping: Bapu Bazaar, Johari Bazaar: Rajasthan is a shopping haven for quilts, clothes, jewellery, shoes, food and pretty much anything you see in the markets. Jaipur is well known for gold jewellery,  wedding trousseau shopping and antiques, so while you are at the market don’t forget to shop for some antiques and decorate your home with some memories of Jaipur.

Run the Pink City marathon if you are travelling around December. It is organized usually around the third Sunday of December, so plan your trip here accordingly. Here’s all the information you need for the marathon in December 2018!

Jaipur always leaves me with sweet memories and a super full yet satisfied tummy! What is your favorite/must do place in Jaipur? Share with me in the comments 🙂

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  • Ritika,
    Thank you for sharing the wonders of Jaipur with all of us. This article makes me fall in love with India all over again and I surely want to book a flight so that I can visit soon. From the pictures and your descriptions of the city and food, you truly have highlighted the beauty of the pink city. I look forward to reading your next post.


    • Hi Fel,
      Thank you for taking the time to read and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it and its your constant support that gets me going 🙂
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