El Rancho & Pick Pocket, Powai

El Rancho & Pick Pocket, Powai

It’s Pizza O’ clock?!

Powai has a new dual restaurant namely El’ Rancho and Pick Pocket that come together to celebrate authentic Mexican and Lebanese cuisines in one setting. Located in the heart of Powai, the QSR has a colourful and quaint vibe to it. I recently visited the place to check out what they have to offer. Read on to find out more about my experience here.


Food: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Value for Money:3.5/5

Soft shell tacos had a nice soft shell, cheesy enough to not be too dry, fresh and light, fair bit of filling, came with a nice spicy salsa. We started with this, and it was delicious. Cheese was gooey and oozing and beans were tasty too.Falafel had a good amount of hummus, large helping, fresh pita and lettuce, could have done with more veggies to freshen it up a little.El rancho burger comes with a super crispy patty, almost on the verge of being too fried but still good. Although it is a Mexican burger, there wasn’t anything Mexican about it. Patty was thick so needed more veggies to counter it, to make it more interesting.Three cheese Quesadillas were similar in taste to the soft-shell tacos with a whole lot of cheese. It had a good share of veggies and came with a spicy salsa, which a good palette relief from that heavy combination of cheese and bread. Great dish overall.El rancho pizza is available by the slice, a crisp base, loads of toppings, good amount of cheese.Mexican burrito ha a stuffing of rice beans and veggies was wholesome and filling. Good amount of sauces.Bean goulash is a dish that’s like the ghar ka moong rice, slightly thick gravy of sprouts, potatoes and beans. Quite a heavy dish and can be a full meal. It came with a buttery herb rice which was delicious even by itself.To end the meal, we had a Baklava which was truly amazing! Flaky pastry, sweetness was not overpowering, came with flaked almonds on top, just the right amount of honey, perfect round up to the mealThe service was good but a little slow in the beginning even though there weren’t many people there. Here’s hoping to see that the silverware/trays the food is served in are sourced of better quality even though this was originally to be a delivery joint. Decor is fun and quirky, with patterned wall and floor tiles and outdoor seating. If you’re around Powai and looking for a quick bite – try out the food at El Rancho and Pick Pocket.

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