Cook with USA Apples

Cook with USA Apples

My mother has always taught me to pack an apple daily in my dabba in order to stay healthy and get my daily intake of fruits. Needless to say, I have developed a taste for apples and look forward to eating one every day. When FBAI invited me for a four course sit down dinner where apple was the main ingredient, I was beyond excited! We headed to Theory in Kamala Mills for the experience of a lovely dinner prepared by Chef Clyde where we met with other blogger friends and food fanatics on a lovely Wednesday evening.

We started with drinks where we had two options to choose from – an apple sangria or apple vanilla sky; a vodka based drink which grows on you with every sip you take.Next up was the curried carrot and apple soup – this was perfect in this weather and the amalgamation of the carrot and apple complimented each other. Poached apple with goat cheese – crunchy endives with red wine poached apples, drizzled with red wine reduction served with gratinated goat cheese and hazelnut. As soon as this was served on the table, I knew this was going to be my favorite and highlight of the meal (for me at least)! Chef Clyde has outdone himself with the combinations used to prepare this dish.For main course we chose the apple gnocchi with butternut squash & sage butter which was Pan seared apple gnocchi served with cinnamon glazed squash & burrata. This was a good change from the regular gnocchi but I couldn’t eat all of it (maybe I was craving for some more of the salad! 😉 ).For dessert we had an apple cheese cake which was gluten free and served with a burnt butter ice cream and an apple baklava with low sugar served with vanilla ice cream. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better but it was good to try an apple cheesecake – a refreshing and new take on this dessert.Chef Clyde prepared an exclusive menu for us where he made sure to use different types of cheese in every course of the meal, which took us by surprise. He also experimented with apples in every course tells us there is so much that can be done with one fruit in the way you cook your meals.

Overall, this was a new experience where I had our fruit in our meal and we liked it – especially the salad, I could go for another bowl of that salad right away. So the next time you are feeling experimental – don’t think twice and start cooking with apples!

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