#COCODrive – A Car Insurance that is As Simple As Ordering Food at a Restaurant

#COCODrive – A Car Insurance that is As Simple As Ordering Food at a Restaurant

For all our new investments and purchases – we like to be prepared and look to securing ourselves for damages that may happen soon. However, sometimes we end up settling for the plans even though it may not be the best fit for our needs at the moment of purchase.

Similarly, for our vehicle, we end up purchasing covers and policies that our trusted agents have been selling to us in bundles as it may be portrayed as being more economical or is less headache for us since most of us don’t really understand insurance policies. Have you ever stopped and considered that – not everything included in the insurance policy sold to you is of value to you?

If you slightly nodded your head or answered yes to the question above – let me introduce you the new age of insurance in today’s tech-savvy world, that’s here to make all your woes go away- COCODrive – the comprehensive car insurance from the house of COCO by DHFL General Insurance.

COCODrive is India’s first Customizable online comprehensive car insurance policy which helps an individual pick and choose the add-ons/covers they would like for their vehicle (4-wheeler) as per the use, the location, the purpose of owning the car among other reasons.

Some of the unique add-on offerings from the product – COCODrive are:

  • Car related needs
    • Zero Dep: you only pay for the depreciated costs of parts
    • New car for old car: at less than 0.50 INR per day
    • Consumable expenses: no more frustration over deduction of cost over car parts
    • Engine protect: from wear and tear
    • Key & lock replacement
    • Tyre replacement cover
  • Personal protection needs
    • EMI protector – in case something happens to your car while you are paying your EMI’s!
    • Outstanding loan protector
    • Accidental hospitalization
    • Roadside assistance
    • Enhanced paid driver personal accident & more
  • Protecting NCB Needs
    • No claim bonus secure
    • NCB protector – Non-metallic repair

Now you may think – all the various car insurance schemes offered all the same but different! That’s so not correct! Here are some of the key reasons that set COCODrive apart from others in the market:

  • Add-ons: whopping 19 different add-ons available for one to choose from basis your need/car type. That’s the highest amount of add-ons any company provides. Most companies have a limited option of just 5-6 add-ons.
  • A la carte motor policy: say goodbye to bundled policies and you are at your own discretion to choose which covers you’d want. No need to buy pre-made policies that include add-ons that you might not even need but still have to pay for. With COCODrive, just order add-ons from a wide menu and only pay for them. Doesn’t that sound really easy? As almost as easy as ordering your favourite food dishes at a restaurant.
  • Highest personal accident cover: the current mandate for personal accident is up to 15 lacs, however, with COCODrive your cover can go up to 35 lacs. So you’re getting the highest cover available in market.
  • Customize it your needs and simplicity of purchase: chat with a representative on the website to help your checkout faster. While you can purchase the policy online completely, you can also take assistance from chat support and call center always available at your disposal.

In addition to providing coverage across India, the geographical extension of coverage for COCODrive includes neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

The new brand film released by the COCODrive team that summarises the thought behind “why insurance is mandatory for your vehicle” is sweet, emotional and hits the nail on the head. Check it out below – and keep some tissues handy. It’s a sweet sweet short clip!

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