Changi airport, Singapore!

Changi airport, Singapore!

I still remember my first trip to Singapore in 2008! I was young and I wanted to explore the world and that was the beginning of the travel bug I still have in me.

As soon as we landed in Singapore I realized how well-connected the airport is and no wonder it is one of the best in the world! During my last family holiday to the Philippines we took our connecting flight from Changi airport so we could meet our brother and sister-in-law mid-way and travel together.

On our way back home I had a layover for about 15 hours and all I could think of was how am I going to spend the next 18 hours at an airport! Little did I know, the next 18 hours would be entertaining especially for the time we spent at an airport!

Changi airport is clearly one of-its-kind as there is so much to see, to do and every time you go there you will find something new! Here’s a list of things you should check out the next time you are taking a connecting flight/have a layover at this beautiful airport.

Movie theatre: Did you know Changi airport has a movie theatre that screens movies in a loop which is open 24 hours and free of cost! The next time you have time to kill at this airport before your next flight you know already what to do. The movies screened are new releases, with comfortable seating, subtitles and you can carry your own food & beverage into the theatre to enjoy the show. We caught up on two movies back-to-back – Disney’s Sing and Hidden figures.

Butterfly Garden: The Singapore authorities have outdone themselves by creating a mini Butterfly Garden within the airport. It is spread over two stories and has various butterflies relaxing in their own little garden with visitors every day. You almost feel like you are in a nature’s park where you can sit down and relax or possibly meditate. The garden is made and maintained really well and this find left us very impressed and didn’t want to leave this place!

Food: there are multiple food courts across the four terminals, serving various cuisines – there is something for everyone. My parents were craving for Indian food after a really long holiday so we headed to terminal one to have south Indian food from Komala’s. There’s also another Komala’s outlet in terminal two, and I treated myself to some delicious veg. fried noodles from the food court. They didn’t have anything called vegetarian fried noodles, so upon request of pure veggies and no oyster sauce, they made sure that it’s vegetarian and without any egg. The terminals have various cuisines available from Korean, Japanese, Indian with multiple outlets to get your drinks to go along with the meal. My favorite and must-have drink while visiting Singapore is the Kopi (iced) and I make sure to tell them to make it less sweet.

You can also grab a bite of your favorite Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Pret-A-Manger  – you will spot them as you walk across terminals.

Shopping: as we all know Singapore airport is a haven for shopaholics and you can easily spend days browsing and purchasing items (most of them, which we don’t even need!) my favorite stores include Michael Kors, local souvenir shop, Godiva, The Cocoa store among others!

Snooze lounge: one of the things that amazes me about the city and especially this airport are the various facilities available for everyone. They have built a snooze lounge here for quick naps in between your shopping, meals, movies and sightseeing trips at the airport. How cool is that? They actually care about your convenience and make sure to fill the space of the facility that you can actually use when you need them the most.

Boutique Hotel: if you are the person who likes taking naps but would prefer to sleep for about 10 to 12 hours then do not worry there is also an option of getting a hotel for about 10 hours and you can request to get the room for longer if you have a longer wait for your next flight. There are many hotel boutique options available in terminal 1 and 3.

Access lounge: one of my favorite things to do at an airport is to use the lounge services for a couple of hours before the flight. I like to leave home a little earlier than usual so I am well-rested and well fed too. There are various options for lounges across the airport, so as per your convenience you can choose the lounge that is closest to your boarding gate.

These are just a few options that we have been able to discover during our 15 hour layover, and at some point, I did think and want time to pass real slow (especially at the movie theatre and while shopping 😉 ) Other things to do/see include:

  1. Free Singapore Tour
  2. Cactus Garden
  3. Sunflower Garden
  4. Immerse yourself in interactive art and more!

The next time you have to choose between any of the airport is a layover and you have Singapore is an option, you know what you have to do to spend your time here and be truly amazed.

Ps. I’m sure by the time of my next visit there will be so much more to do and see as they are constantly adding to the things to do and utilities available at this beautiful airport. No wonder it is the best airport in the world and my favorite(est) airport and I’ve ever been to across my travels. Click here to know more about what’s happening at Changi airport – customized as per your choice, time of layover etc.,

What is your favorite memory from Changi airport? Do let me know I’d love to hear about your experience!

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