Banana Bread Recipe – Vegan

Banana Bread Recipe – Vegan

All of our Instagram feeds are full of recipe variations of banana bread! I’ve been watching & reading these recipes and last week I said to myself, “Ah, what the heck lets try some banana bread!” Better late than never, I guess?

Here’s what all you’ll need for preparing a half-and-half vegan banana bread!


Banana – 3 riped

Sugar – 3/4th cup – 170gms 

Oil – 1/2 cup

Vanilla extract 1 tsp

Maida – 3/4th cup 85 gms

Wheat flour – 3/4th cup 85gms

Baking powder – 1tsp

Baking soda -1 tsp

Salt – a pinch


Cinnamon powder – 1/4th cup

Walnuts – 1 cup

Chocolate chips – 1 cup


1. Blend the bananas and sugar and mash and make it in a smooth puree

2. Once the puree is ready, using a sieve add the dry ingredients in the puree

3. Next, blend the mixture, however, make sure not to over blend to make a smooth batter

4. You can add nuts and fillings of your choice – walnut and chocolate chip are most preferred. I was out of walnuts so I added some pecan nuts and chocolate chips

5. Slightly mix the batter and pour it into a greased pan

Baking instructions:

On the stove in a make-do oven:

Preheat the make do oven and place it in low flame for 35-40 mins. Put in a toothpick or knife to see if it’s baked

In an oven:

Preheat the oven and bake it at 180 degrees for 35-45 minutes

If you try this recipe, share your stories and pictures with me on Instagram at @foodiesofindia!

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