Avocado 4 Ways

Avocado 4 Ways

Avocado is the new superfood and my new found favourite to add to every possible dish! With my sister in law, back home with us now, I love experimenting and trying out new dishes. Recently, we tried to make a healthy breakfast with Avocados 4 ways.

Our experiments included Avocado on toast with:

Boiled chickpeas, onion and chaat masala
Avocado, cilantro and chaat masala
Spicy Guacomole
Tomato glazed with pesto, onion and chaat masala

This was the first time I worked with an Avocado at home and it was just as delicious as I expected it to be. 

The recipe is fairly simple for the guacamole and the 4 ways toast. If you have the necessary ingredients, you are good to go. And if you don’t, improvise with whatever you have available in your kitchen!

Here is a quick and short video summarising the preparations for the scrumptious 4 ways toast!

What’s your favorite way to consume avocados? Share your recipes/ideas with me!

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