A Tea for Every Me

 A Tea for Every Me

As Mick Jagger once quoted, “I got nasty habits; I take tea at three,” I identify myself with this quote a lot more recently as I have developed a ritual for the afternoon snack accompanied with a hot beverage. Especially with the weather being so beautiful (and gloomy some days), a hot beverage is all I need to pump in some energy and change the feel of the day!

With new routines being developed, I have also started experimenting with different variants of tea and coffee. While I already have my preference set for coffee, tea is something which I am still figuring out my prefernces for. I am always trying out different flavours, types, brands and for different purposes (stress, relief, detox)

What would be your first pick?

I recently came across TE-A-ME Teas when I was invited for the launch and unveiling of the various tea ranges they have to offer at The Westin Mumbai Garden City, Goregaon. The afternoon was rather a fun one filled with lots of tea, snacks to be paired with, activities, entertainment and some more tea – where I discovered how amazing can tea really be! And how amazing is this new habit that I have developed of having a tea every day!

Range of TE-A-ME

The afternoon started with some tea tasting, and it was getting difficult for me to decide which one is my favourite from the lot. Not only did I get to try out different variants of tea, but also learnt that are different preparations and ranges of tea available from Te-a-me. When I say preparations, I mean, not just the flavours but a range of ice brew teas, natural green teas, wellness infusion teas, fruit & flower infusion teas and the signature black teas.

A good cup of hot tea – can fix all your problems. Agree?

Some of the infusions were exotic – orange spice green tea, creamy vanilla, rooibos orange & cinnamon; some the standard that we all enjoy and are aware of – earl grey, jasmine green tea among others. My favourite type has to be the ice brew teas, especially the “wild berry Te-a-me” variant. We have all tried iced teas with our meals or as a beverage, however, the first sip of the iced brews gave me the feeling of it being fresh and healthy, i.e. no artificial sugar/syrup or unhealthy ingredients involved, which is why I really enjoyed this flavour and most of the teas I tasted at the Te-a-me tea party!

Favorite from the TE-A-ME iced brews
Get me a better iced brew tea variant, I’ll wait!

As I was enjoying the afternoon with lovely tea in one hand, I happened to walk to the other corner of the room to find out that I will be indulging in my first experience of Tasseography – the art of reading tea leaves. Rekha Joshi, was the expert who walked us through what our fortune had to say for our foreseeable future through the tea leaves we had left in our saucers. This was my first and very interesting an experience at reading of tea leaves. I followed this session by attempting to make an origami with the help of the instructions available and guests present motivating each other. 

Attempted to make a butterfly origami for the first time. What do you think?

I then indulged in a quick yet relaxing massage with the talented young masseuses we had as part of the event. A truly fun, experimental and relaxing afternoon, I must say! With my love for food – how could I go to an event and not have any food! There were a variety of hor d’oeuvres available, some best paired with certain teas and all delicious!  

Cucumber and cream cheese on charcoal buns
Paired our teas with delicious snacks

Overall, I spent my Friday afternoon with great company where I learnt, tasted and experimented with various teas, snacks and real good entertainment. I now have a new favourite tea that I am currently obsessed with and cannot wait to try out the various ranges they have which have properties of reviving, detox, healing, uplifting moods, calming and others. 

If you are adventurous like me and are keen to try out the different teas they have, get your next favourite tea from here!

Are you someone who enjoys tea, if yes, what is your current favourite range/flavour? Share with me in comments, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Until next time! 🙂

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