8 Beautiful Places of 8 North East States of India

8 Beautiful Places of 8 North East States of India

The Eight States comprising the beautiful North East states are a getaway to some of the most picturesque valleys, exotic forests and a very different taste of culture. The northeast has everything to offer from century-old root bridges made entirely by human hands, to ancient sculptures carved on mountains, to a river island that is going to disappear in a decade or two. You can never get enough of the scenic views of the northeast and trekking through some of the beautiful trails will leave you in love with the place. Apart from that, it is also a spiritual hub with several monasteries that will provide you with a tranquil experience and the magnetic charm of these places will call you back over and over. Check out the list of 8 places in the 8 states of North East.

1) Gurudongmar lake, Sikkim

Named after Guru Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, Gurudongmar Lake is a sacred place for Hindu, Buddhists, and Sikhs and lies top in the list of places to visit on Sikkim holiday tour. Perched at the elevation of 5430 feet, this lake attracts visitors from all over the country, though foreigners have to obtain a special permit. You can reach the lake via road from Lachen which takes you through the rugged terrains filled with rhododendron trees and scenic views of the surrounding valleys. The surrounding area is captivating to watch where you can see mountain sheep and Yaks grazing around the milky water of the lake. Devotees often offer their prayers by the shore. This freshwater lake is an enchanting stop during your trip to North East.

2) Majuli Island, Assam

Majuli is one of the biggest river islands in the world, lying in the gushing waters of Brahmaputra river in Assam State. A mere 20 km from Jorhat, you can take a ferry from Nimati Ghat to reach the place. The local tribes speak Assamese and Mishing language and the island itself is the cultural epitome with several festivals are celebrated here, Raslila performance gets a special mention. If you visited between March to November, you can visit the southern part of the island to see the rare migratory birds like  Pelican and Siberian crane. Island may no longer exist by the next decade as the flow of the river is eroding the land and it is believed to be shrunk by 60 percent during the last century, so plan a visit to this captivating natural wonder before it’s gone forever.

3) Floating Lake, Manipur

The Lohtak Lake located near Moirang in Manipur is famous for Phumdis, the floating masses of vegetation over the lake. The biodiversity around the lake is rich with over 70 bird species have been noted along with some exotic migratory birds. One Phumdi is measured to be around 40 km, which constitutes Keibul Lmjao National Park, world’s only floating park. where you can find the endangered species of Sanghai and Manipuri brown antelope deer. Fisheries is one of the main occupations and they live in the huts made of metal, bamboo, and wood on the Phumdis. The lake’s water is also used in irrigation and drinking and acts as a major economic factor in the state.

4) Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya

In the southern part of the Northeastern state of Meghalaya, under the clouds filled with water and inside the dense jungle, you will find the architectural marvel of Living root bridge made up of the rubber fig’s aerial roots by the local Khasi and Jaintia community of the region. The locals use trees across the stream or river and let the roots grow, sometimes using only their hands and without the help of a scaffolding. It takes years for the roots to be strong enough to bear the weight of humans. The double-decker bridge near Cherrapunji is a must go location for couples visiting for a romantic vacation in India. You can make a visit to Ummonoi root bridge which is one of the most popular ones among tourist visiting the region.

5) Phawngpui, Mizoram

Popularly known as blue hills, Phawngpui stands at the height of 2157 meters and boasts itself to be the highest peak in the Lushai hills. The name means Great Meadows in Lai, the local tongue. The hills have several folk fare connections to it as the hills are believed to be an abode of ancient deities and spirits. The Phapark grassland in The Phawngpui region is a vast grassland with several rare birds sightings like peregrine falcon, hornbill and bamboo partridge. The fauna is also rich and boasts animal species like Leopard, Hollock gibbon, and sambar. The nearest village is Sangau village which can be reached from Aizawl through road. It is a great place for camping and trekking to make your trip a life experience.

6) Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

Perched at the elevation of 2450 meters, this enchanting valley of flower lies as a bouquet of flowers behind the Japfu peak in Nagaland. The green carpet of grass over the valley will leave you mesmerized and the rich flora and fauna will make you take out your camera and click some pictures of the valley. The valley inhabits several beautiful flowers but it’s most famous for Dzukou white lily that is only found here. If you visit the valley in the monster season then you’ll be able to the whole valley in its best with grassland seems like a sheet spread across the whole valley, flowers like rhododendrons, euphorbia and aconitum seems to spread across it and clouds seems like you can touch it. You can reach the valley from the two villages nearby, named, Vishwema and Zakhama village.

7) Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

At the height of 3047 meters, lies Tawang, the birthplace of Dalai Lama and acts as a spiritual place with the alluring charm of Tawang monastery cannot be missed. The second biggest monastic the world houses an 8 meters tall statue of Lord Buddha. You can closely see the Buddhist way of living here with meditating monks will leave you speechless. You can make your way to Madhuri lake, named after the Indian actress who shot Koyla movie here, this lake is a combination of beauty and sacred place for Buddhist who visit to offer prayers. Some 80 km outside Tawang, The Sela pass and the Sela lake it accompanies is an important place as the pass connect Tawang with rest of the country. During the visit, you can make a stop here and gaze into the great Himalayan beauty and the alluring frozen lake which appears heavenly.

8) Unakoti Hills, Tripura

Unakoti means ‘less than a crore in number’, are hills are popularly known as Lord Shiva pilgrimage, which dates back to the 7th- the 9th century. Once you visit the place, you will be awestruck by the valley’s panoramic mountains, gushing waterfalls and pristine atmosphere, but nothing comes close to the ancient rock carvings and murals of the Hindu deities on the mountains that will leave you wanting for more. The most famous being Unakotishwara Kal Bhairav, a 30 feet tall carving of Lord Shiva. The legend associated with the place tells the story of Kalu, a devotee of Shiva And Parvati. He was ordered by the Lord himself to carve 1 crore sculptures on the rocky mountains in one night.

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