5 must eats in Ahmedabad

5 must eats in Ahmedabad

My trips to Ahmedabad are always planned around what I will be eating. The city has new places and dishes to try with every trip – from Manek Chowk’s street food to the Guajarati thalis, there is so much to eat and explore, every time I visit this city.

These are the 5 dishes you must eat:

a. Undhiyu – regional cuisine of Gujarat; a mix vegetable with yams, potato, eggplant and masala is eaten with hot deep fried puris and is a winter speciality. The place to try it is Swati snacks, law garden

b. Gujarati Thali – a wholesome meal in a plate with dhokla, samosa, sweet sabzi, dal, roti, rice and more is a must try when in Ahmedabad. The place to try it is Rajwadu & Sasuji Hotel, CG Road.

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c. Gwalior Dosa – this Dosa is loaded with butter and comes with a chunk of butter instead of the traditional potato sabzi as filling. The place to try it is in Manek Chowk, a khau galli with lots of food stalls on the street that’s buzzing after 8pm everyday

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d. Fafda & jalebi – the traditional fafda, jalebi and ghatiya, a part of every Gujarati’s morning meal. Try these when they’re freshly prepared and hot. The place to try it is Oswal, Ashram Road.

e. Coco – a frozen chocolate milkshake that comes in many variants is the new milkshake in town that you must try with your meal. The place to try it is Shree Janta Ice Cream, Naranpura & Madhav Lassi and Coco, Chanakyapuri

What have your favourites been or have you discovered any hidden gems that everyone visiting Ahmedabad should know about? Share with us in comments 🙂

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