21 songs about Food to sing to on World Music Day!

21 songs about Food to sing to on World Music Day!

21st June is celebrated at World Music Day and I thought what better opportunity than today to relive and cherish all those bollywood songs that celebrate food with music.

Here’s a list of 21 Bollywood songs over the years that have had a special place in our hearts and some in our memories for their sheer uniqueness.

  • Chicken Kuk-doo-koo
  • Samose mein aloo
    This one deserves a special mention as Samosa’s deserve its own darn song!
  • Dawat e ishq
  • Raste se ja raha tha
    The song we’ve all sang with friends/cousins at the various picnics playing antakshri
  • Garam chai ki pyaali ho
    The song every guy/girl loves but wont admit!
  • Ande ka funda
    I still remember trying to sing like Govinda and Sanjay Dutt do in the movie with the lyrics of this song – will slowly but surely  get there
  • Jalebi bai
    Mallika Sherawat sure stole some hearts and heads with this one!
  • Chocolate lime juice
  • Nimbooda
    The song every girl has once considrered or danced to at a wedding!
  • Khaike paan banaras wala
    The song where everyone pretends to have paan in their mouths when singing the song – atleast I do!
  • Mohabat hai mirchi
    I still remember the crush I had on Zayed Khan when he started acting (if at all!)
  • Chane ke khet mein
  • Chai pe bulaya hai
  • Imli ka boota beri ke ber
  • Meri beri ke ber mat todo
  • Tere sang ek simple si coffee bhi kick deti hai
  • Cheeni kum hai
  • Ala Barfi
  • Afghan Jalebi
  • Ice cream kahungi, kashmir jaungi
    If only eating ice cream took you to Kashmir, id be in Kashmir atleast three time a week
  • Dudh ban jaungi, malai ban jaungi

I hope you had a good time reading through this and are hungry now – so get something to eat, but first, let me know in comments what you thought and if I’ve missed out on any of your favorite Bollywood songs that have food in them.

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