Month: October 2016

MasterChef India Season 5!

When I look back at the day, I decided to start my journey as a food blogger – who knew or had anticipated the ups, downs (read: over stuffed tummy), experiences and opportunities this avenue would open up for me as a person, a blogger, […]

Bonne Maman now in India!

When I had my first Macaroon from Le 15 Patisserie, I experienced something known as a foodgasm and have always been a fan of their products since. When I first met Pooja Dhingra back in 2013, I understood how lucky I was to be in […]

Brunch with a Punch!

Brunch with a Punch!

When we think of brunch, we think indulgence; eating nonstop for over 4 hours and washing it down with drinks. What if we told you and shared with you our story of where we had a ‘healthy brunch’ which was delicious in every bite. Along […]